2012 - A Year of Opportunity


2012 is truly a year of opportunity however, those opportunities may present in the guise of challenges. Not only is it the year of the Dragon, the most powerful icon in the Chinese horoscope but it is the Water Dragon, so expect some powerful emotions, attitudes and beliefs to suddenly surface.


2012 - Chinese Year of the Dragon

It is also the final year of the experiment of the freedom of choice currently running on Planet Earth so a very powerful time that we need to use constructively, wisely and without fear, for things started in this year will continue for a long time or until they come to fruition whichever comes first so we need to be very clear in what we are wanting.

An exciting year of change where each and every one of us can make a difference

2012 adds up to a number 5. In numerology as in most things, there are many variations of meanings but all speak of change for this number. So we can look forward to a year of change and unrest but in reality it is a tremendous opportunity to start the process of building a better world, both personally and globally, and one that is more equitable in all ways than the current situations in so many countries. I would say to some degree in all countries for each has its own special and unique problems.

World wide there are obvious problems where we may not have any direct input although they affect us all such as the Financial Crisis and the great struggle for freedom in the Middle East and other countries. Before you shrug your shoulders and say “What can I do I am only one person and I haven’t got time anyway?” stop and think again. You can talk to your friends about injustice, freedom, greed, the loss of personal freedoms and all the things you consider to be unfair and not right. Each and every one of you can make a difference for your selves, for your country and the world, very particularly in this year of change. Be positive for the universe is supporting those who are working for positive change.

Remember that who and what you are emanates to the surrounding energy field and to influence others and your influence spreads.

This year also sees the ending of the experiment of the complete freedom of choice that has been running for a little over 5 ½ thousand years and finishes on the 22nd December. I have written extensively in some of my books on this experiment, particularly in the Cosmic Warrior, and it would seem that despite all the strife in our world it may be a success. Briefly the experiment was: Could mankind if given complete freedom of choice, without interference and without any knowledge of past incarnations be able to reflect back to the Source Of All Creation the love and trust that was given to them. The criteria for assessment at completion were: the mass consciousness of love and compassion must measure over 75% of the world population and the individual count had to be over 51%.

Currently the world count is 72.9% and the individual count is 57.2%. A very interesting situation has developed for in the last 2 years the world compassionate figure has dropped dramatically from 78% to below the required figure. A most unexpected fall but one that has possibly produced an upsurge in the individual compassion count.

All is not doom and gloom. As the terms of the experiment had not been strictly adhered to and there had been interference from outside areas the experiment has been ‘deemed’ to be a success. The exact and final count will still be made at the end of 2012. It was always intended that if this experiment of fast track development was successful that it would flow on to other civilizations in some form. In 2010 complete freedom of choice was introduced firstly on the planets of Orion and then on to the others of the great Star Nations who had a great degree of freedom of choice but until then not completely so.

Since then there has been more negative interference from outside this planet. A crackdown on freedom and compassion in many countries, the worldwide escalation of tension, fear and uncertainty for the future, the oppression of races and countries, world food shortages and financial crises that create fear and leave people unable to even survive have proliferated. The desire for power, greed and control in the hands of a few in high places has extended to a fight for survival and personal rights in many areas of the world. However there is always hope and we have 10 months in which to reverse the downward trend of the mass consciousness, help those in need and to pass the final monitoring of this experiment with flying colours.

What can you do as an individual to achieve this in such a short time?

Live in your integrity and your belief in the Golden Rule of “Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you”. As individuals you are more powerful than you realize and if you in your minds and hearts connect with that great band of Sekhem light that still encompasses the earth even though the Sekhem Association has disbanded, the power is multiplied to the power of ten and more. On a daily basis in your meditations, and groups of like minded people connect with this great band of light and it will become even more powerful than you can imagine. Never underestimate the power of positive thought and intention and when allied with others of like mind you can indeed move mountains and break through barriers that seem impenetrable but will melt like ice cream on a hot day before your thoughts and intentions.

We who work with high energy have a greater understanding of what can be, can see into the other realms, have a responsibility to do everything we can to create a different world that will ultimately bring about the great changes necessary for the continuation of this world of Earth as was envisaged by the Source of All Creation. On you and others like you, rests the great responsibility of creating that brave new world. I believe you are not only up to the task but will surpass it magnificently.

Each and every one of you can make a difference. Collectively we can change the world.

Blessings be unto you

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