Shock and Consternation in the Spirit World

The compassionate consciousness assessment, as in Earth’s current experiment that ends in December this year, will be applied to ALL beings in all levels of the Spirit world as well as those in this Universe. A terrible shock to many as they consider what happened to the great Archangels who were assigned to Earth’s Universe and who did not pass the test. Many were put into suspended animation to reconsider their attitude while others who would not change have ceased to exist in any form.


Shock and Consternation in the Spirit World

This experiment has always been of the highest importance to all worlds, civilizations and universes and although I have written extensively on its importance, did not originally understand the greater implications for those in Spirit. As most of you will know the experiment has been deemed a success and has started to flow on to other Star Nations in this Universe who already had a high degree of freedom of choice. However, it is so very much more than that for the compassionate consciousness assessment will be applied to ALL Beings, be they in any universe or in the Spirit world. Such knowledge was withheld by those who did not want the experiment to be a success and as it has now become known there is great worry and consternation in the Spirit world.

With only 6 months left before the end of the Consciousness Experiment currently running on Earth I cannot stress to highly the importance of these last months for each and every individual. Status and position are of no account either on Earth or in the Heavens for it is the compassion and caring of and for others and the actions taken that is of such importance in all areas of consciousness.

We on Earth have been programmed over the last 3,500 years to believe we were puny little Earthlings and of no importance in the greater scheme of things. That was and is a gross misrepresentation engineered by those who wished this experiment to fail.

The experiment has not failed, will you?

Blessings be unto you

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