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know-thyself-bigKnow Thyself

How well do you know and understand yourself?  Few of us go deeply into our own characters and characteristics.  We just accept the judgments of family, friends, teachers, the boss etc without really thinking about it.  Rarely will we look at what has made us as we are. One of the great philosophers said “Circumstances just meant to give thy soul its bent” And there is more truth in that statement than you can imagine.  For it is circumstances, experiences, those personal characteristics we have chosen for ourselves or to inherit from our parents  that mould our soul.

Yes, we chose our parents to help and assist us to do what we have chosen to do or to experience in this incarnation.  We all volunteered to come here to Planet Earth to experience all things as a fast track development of the soul and when each individual graduates from this earth there are great accolades and rewards in the higher realms.

Having chosen to come to this earth we then chose what we hope to learn and experience in each incarnation with the help of our advisors and mentors.  In a planning session with them decisions are made on the main things to experience, learn, achieve, accomplish and the assistance we need to give to others. At the end of each incarnation the life is assessed against those expectations.  Exactly what had been accomplished and learnt so need not be repeated and what was to be repeated as we do not always learn from our experiences.  When we are again ready for the next incarnation and the planning has been done then it is time to chose the parents that will assist in the accomplishment of the agreed plan.  We negotiate with them to take us on and assist us on our journey but we also are to help them on their journey.

It may come as a terrible shock to know that you cannot blame your parents for what you knowingly chose for yourself.  Some may continue to do so for it is very much easier to blame others instead of taking the responsibility for your own choices and the decisions you made.   May I suggest at some convenient time when you have become used to these ideas you review your life with an open mind.  After much thought you may like to change your thinking on many things.  Difficult?  Quite possibly, but definitely worth doing.

Be honest when reviewing your childhood, parents and others.  When looking at events in the light of this new knowledge many things change, just as your understanding of yourself will change and give you personal strength and understanding..  Focus on what you have learnt from your experiences and what strength of character and other attributes it brought to help you in later life.  Even if you had chosen to experience being abandoned, molested, or some other such atrocity it is well worth doing as it will change the emotions surrounding the events and within yourself. It is even possible that you had been the perpetrator in a past life and in this one you chose to experience what you had inflicted on others.

Remember that what you give out is what will be returned to you.  That is part of Universal law.  Then go on to look at other aspects of your life.

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