It is with regret that I can no longer teach Sekhem

It is with regret that I can no longer teach Sekhem for it has given me much pleasure to pass on this wonderful energy that allowed me firstly as a child to heal animals, birds and myself of accidents, trauma and disease and  later to aid people in all sorts of ways in my professional life.  It was my patients who insisted  I teach others so that this energy would not be lost to the world even though I had never wanted to be a teacher of any sort.

Today there are many  who do teach and teach well.  However a word of warning when looking for a teacher -  make sure the one you choose was not made a Sekhem Master Teacher by the absentee method.  You can of course do  amazing things when using the Sekhem absentee method but when teaching  the Initiation is the most vital part, and  needs to be hands on.  That is particularly so in the final Initiation to becoming a Master Teacher.

Some teachers have complained that the Initiations were too long and difficult and it was so much easier to shorten them or use the absentee method.  By doing this they deny their students the opportunity of reaching  a much higher consciousness and the ability to be the very best Sekhem practitioner they could be.  In my eyes this is to defraud their students of their rights. 

In phone conversation I had with Patrick Zeigler I asked him who made him a Sekhem Master and when and where?   He gave me the name of a gentleman I knew well and where the final Initiation had taken place.  When I was next in the city where that man lived I asked him if indeed he had made Patrick a Master.  His reply was and I quote his exact words  “ Sort of”  I laughed and said “ There is no such thing as sort of. Did you or didn’t you?”  It appears that he did not for these 2 men were in very different  parts of the world at the time. 

Always  use this energy with integrity and compassion for all and you will be greatly rewarded.

Best wishes and Blessings to you all. 
Helen  Belot

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